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  • Vala Hero Image Vala Website (2022)

    I created a website for a programming language called Vala.

    It replaces an old set of wiki pages with a website that:

    • Showcases Vala projects and features
    • Shows off the language's branding
    • Is optimised for speed
    • Has improved accessibility (especially regarding navigation and colour contrast).
  • Jailtime - Blocks websites and helps keep you focused Jailtime

    A browser extension that blocks websites by allowing you to add sites to a block list, making you more productive!

    Available on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Yachting Partners Inernational home page Yachting Partners International (2021 Redesign)

    Covers all aspects of yacht services such as brokerage, chartering and management. I was the front-end developer for this project.

  • A program with a timer showing the current time left in minutes and seconds. Pomodoro Timer UWP

    A pomodoro timer app with features like "always-on-top" mode, background support and the ability to customise your each interval and how many sessions you'll have.

    Pomodoro Timer UWP - Be more productive with your time | Product Hunt
  • A program allowing the user to type in it, with a circular timer going down. Dysprose

    A Windows 10 Application for times when your ideas aren't coming together/you need to focus.

    Start a session where you have to keep typing within a regular interval or risk all your work fading away right in front of you then save your work at the end.

    Dysprose 2.0 - Keep writing or else, all your work fades away. Forever. | Product Hunt

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