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How I code in 2020

Reading time: 2 Minutes

Here's what I use on my personal computer!

Operating System#

I run Pop!_OS 20.10 on my main laptop.

It's based on Ubuntu and it's the fastest and most productive Linux distribution that I've ever used!

Development Tools#

Visual Studio Code#

My main code editor. It's has an easy to use layout, very customisable and is widely supported!


I use this for Version control

Thanks to Git, I can code features in parallel using feature branches.

If something goes wrong with my code, I can easily revert back to a working state.


I love the enhancements that it adds to my terminal!:

  • Color-coding
  • Developer environement information
  • Current git status
  • and more...


Not only is it an excellent browser, I'm also a big fan of the developer tool sections available there:

  • Accessibility: Makes it much easier to test for WCAG requirements
  • (Web) Console: There's an option to open a side bar that let's you easily write multi-line JavaScript code.

Also, it's one of the only browsers that reads that gets the "prefers-color-scheme" value from the Pop!_OS, (As far as I'm aware)

Design Tools#


I make mockups and protoypes here before I start writign code that involves a UI.

By the way, it's free and works on all operating systems since it's browser-based!