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Happy New Year 2023! - What's new?

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Happy New Year! There have been some big changes since my last blog post.

Back to Windows#

I switched from hopping between Linux distros to settling with Windows 11. I really value a predictable, well-supported environment. Windows 11 has also fixed a lot of the complaints I had about aesthetics of Windows 10. I’m pleased with what they are doing with Windows 11.

Web Dev to Game Dev#

After working over 2 years as a front-end developer, I’ve gained a pretty good understanding of web development, however, in that time period, I’ve been able to think a lot about what I want to do.

It turns out, game development is what I’m extremely passionate about, so I started learning some game engines (Phaser.js, Unity), programming languages (TypeScript, C++) and even took part in a few game jams on Ninjump is one of the games created for a game jam and is currently in the showcased on the portfolio page of my website.

I’ll keep adding more games to my portfolio and developing my skills in the hopes that I do get to work on games professionally in the near future.

This journey has been super exciting so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me next!