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For whenever I feel down and/or unproductive

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At least one of these things have happened:

1. You aren’t happy#

Take a break, do your favourite hobbies, go on a holiday, sort yourself out, sort your life out.

You do your best work when you love what you do, feel good about yourself and when your are in a positive mood 😄!

2. You went straight to learning about how to do a task without starting it first#

You’re overwhelmed and you’re probably blaming yourself for “not being good enough”, which is 100% percent true, why are you trying to work on steps 2 and above when you haven’t even done step 1.

Take it one step at a time, just go for it, make your mistakes and overcome them one by one 😏!

Never forget:

You are aware of your issues now#

Great! Now as long as you avoid the two issues above, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll face challenges but you’ll have the strength to overcome these challenges and shape the world in any way you want 🌍.

Now go do some cool stuff 👋!